Based on “The Reserve” by S.Dovlatov and bits of “Alice in Wonderland” by L.Carroll


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Premiered: 10 May 2010 года

Run Time:
2 hrs 40 min; 1 intermission

                In this play, director Konstantin Bogomolov has managed to combine quite incompatible, seemingly remote things: the autobiographic “Reserve” by Sergey Dovlatov and Lewis Carroll’s tales.

                However, the realities of the Soviet era of stagnation, the people and events of those days look surprisingly similar to the Carroll characters. So why can’t a KGB-man Belyayev be addressed “Your Majesty” after all?

                A Boris So-and-So, Dovlatov’s lyrical hero, in thebleak days of his life arrives in the settlement Pushkinskiye Gory to take up a job of a guide. The locals are frustrated by the never-ending boredom and idleness, with a local disco to the accordion being the only entertainment sustained with vodka consumed in gallons.

                The place is inhabited by odd individuals: a stern and methodical Guide Manager Viktoriya Albertovna; HR Manager Galina Aleksandrovna; an old moonshiner Zina; a photographer Markov, who has exchanged his proficiency for booze; an unrecognized author Pototsky and many other characters, who have lost faith in themselves, hence –in any prospects for better life.

                The events on stage are soul-chilling. “The life of the main character, who got stuck in the sanctuary of Soviet ways and traditions, his vain efforts to see his wife off on time come to resemble an experience of today’s instantly matured person who dreams of emigration as an escape from his own self rather than escape from the Soviet realities,” claims critic Alla Shenderova. And she seems to be absolutely right.


Konstantin Bogomolov

Stage Design and Costumes
Larisa Lomakina

Lighting Design
Andrey Izotov, HA

Stage Manager
Natalya Rykovskaya


Boris So-and-So
Pavel Vorozhtsov
Tatyana So-and-So
Olesya Lenskaya
Galina Alexandrovna,
Personnel Manager
Alyona Lapteva
Marx, Engels and Blind Milkman
Vyacheslav Chepurchenko
Natella’s Mother and White Queen Viktorya Albertovna
Roza Khairullina, HA
Fish Dead and Alive, Photographer Valery Markov, Zina
Andrey Fomin
Either a Might-be Spouse or Photographer’s Girlfriend called Vera
Svetlana Zhilenko
Either-Alice-or-Masha, either-Pushkin-or-Bird, and a Mere Angel
Yana Sekste
His Majesty KGB-Man Belyayev
Pavel Ilyin, HA
Mikhail Ivanovich Sorokin/big>
Pavel Ilyin, HA
Pototsky, Member of Writers’ Union

Informant Mitrofanov
Alexey Usoltsev
Just Natella
Anna Chipovskaya


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