The Story of Gleeful Moskva+

1 hr 50 min; no intermission

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The stage version of “The Story of Gleeful Moskva” based on Andrey Platonov’s story brought its director Mindaugas Karbauskis and the leading actress Irina Pegova “The Golden Mask” Prize. This work is, in a way, a logical conclusion of his previous experiments: Platonov’s ideas of death, of coping with the fear of it, and – the essential thing – the idea of love for a human and humanity appeared to sound in tune with his own beliefs.

The apparent gloom of the stage version turns out to be genuine light – light of love, never-ending quest and invention. There is no glee without mischief of collapsed hopes, of despair and bereavement.

True happiness of a person can’t be isolated from the happiness of the humanity: one can’t succeed in life if everything around him is falling apart. Both, Moskva Chestnova, a girl “with a responsive heart”, and mechanic Sartorius strongly believe in it. As well as many other characters in this play of Platonov, who made this belief the cornerstone of his philosophy.