Sister Nadezhda+

2 hrs 40 min; 1 intermission

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A play “My Elder Sister” by Alexander Volodin became widely known when in 1966 it was filmed by Georgy Natanson with Tatyana Doronina and Natalya Tenyakova starring.

The plot focuses on the story of two sisters – the younger, Lida, and the elder, Nadezhda – who were raised in the orphanage during the war time and after the war lived with their uncle under his care. The girls live a routine life but both dream about a different life full of significant events and love; a life that complies with their ideas of Good and Evil.

The fact that director Alexander Maryin has managed to convince the audience that eternal moral values are still in great demand makes the theatre production very special. The director succeeded in finding things that bring people together –high ideals and the right to hope. No wonder that the elder sister’s name Nadezhda (Hope) was inserted into the title emphasizing that hope for better life is crucial for humanity.

The acting of the leading actors (Alyona Lapteva (Nadezhda), Yana Sekste (Lida), Pavel Ilyin (Uncle Misha) is brilliant. But the characters played by Denis Nikiforov, Anna Chipovskaya, Igor Petrov, Alexey Usoltsev, Dmitry Brodetsky, Marina Salakhova, Vyacheslav Chepurchenko, Arina Avtushenko, Olesya Lenskaya, Margarita Goryunova and Anrey Fomin are also full-blooded and lively, which has breathed a new life into the well-known play.

The production has once again revealed the actors’ potential: those were the parts to remember!