Three Sisters+

3 hrs;1 intermission

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Devised as a comedy, the play “The Three Sisters” by A. Chekhov has conquered the world as one of the most heart-searing dramas for any time and generation. Even today, each woman can spot in herself the traits of all three sisters - responsible Olga, womanly Masha, romantic Irina. The sisters make up a whole sharing the power of beauty and magnificent decay of human nature, the universe of style and music. It’s no coincidence that all the main characters have been alloted different musical instruments. Olga (Alyona Lapteva) has to endure a heavy –like the Golgotha Cross –double-bass. Masha (Anna Chipovskaya) plays jazz variations on the piano. Irina’s generous spirit is in tune with accordion. Ever reasoning Vershinin gets a hand-rattle. Andrey “scrapes”, as the sisters put it, a fiddle.

Anticipation of bliss and longing for the chimera never leave the air. But gradually the answer to the question how they should live when their life is like a draft that they would like to write out fair becomes more and more apparent both to the characters and the public.